Adelaide Plantation Shutters

Adelaide Plantation Shutters

Highprofile Elements is a unique shutter, which incorporates a solid poplar timber frame with PVC blades. Natural and synthetic elements are cleverly fused to provide a lighter option than other shutters of full PVC composition. This innovative hybrid shutter is finished in quality waterborne paint.
White Plantation Shutters Adelaide



  • 100% Poplar frame, PVC blades
  • 2 stage rebated, fluted mortise and tenon joint
  • Polyurethane system for frame, 3 undercoats and top coat. PVC Blades, top coated 2-pack finish.
  • 64mm, 89mm blade sizes
  • Fixed, Hinged, Multi-fold, Sliding applications

Plantation Shutter Colors

 Bedroom Plantation Shutter

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

10 years structural, 5 years paint