Vertical Drapes

Vertical Blinds

Made locally here in our factory from a quality range of fabrics, to suit any style or budget. Vertical Blinds can be drawn aside to fully reveal views, or closed completely for total privacy. Our vertical drape system has a self-aligning clutch, which means if a blade is knocked out of alignment, it will self-align when you open or shut the blind.

*All vertical drapes are sewn 

Our vertical blind system has for many years remained the most complete and reliable system in the market. The Vertical track system we use allows the smallest stack, in the market today. The track also allows easy onsite maintenance, and because we make them here at our factory we can fix and repair the blinds as required.

Vertical Blinds work especially well on sliding doors because they can be pulled to either side like drapes or drawn all to one side. In fact, one of the aesthetic benefits of Vertical Blinds is they have the appearance of drapes, as well as practical room temperature and light-controlling properties of a blind. Vertical Blinds are also easy to clean and virtually maintenance free.

We have a large selection of patterns and finishes, styles and color's to suit your decor. Vertical blinds work well on large windows where they can be used to make strong or subtle decor statements.




Recommended Fabric:

Vertical Drape Fabric: Shaw Vibe

Composition: 100% polyester with acrylic coating • Nominal Weights: 360gsm - 400gsm • Nominal thickness: 0.33mm - 0.36mm • PVC & Lead free • Light Fastness: minimum 6 (Blue Scale). Tested to ISO 105-B02:2014


Care: Surface dust should be removed with duster or soft cloth. Fabric may be wiped with a damp sponge and dried with a clean cloth. Never use abrasive products or solvents/industrial based cleaners. Do not roll up fabric which is damp


Vertical Drape Fabric: Shaw Karma

Composition: 100% Polyester with Acrylic Coating • PVC Free | Lead Free • Light Fastness: 6 (Blue Scale) Tested to ISO 105-B02:2014 • Nominal Wight: 460gsm • Nominal Thickness: 0.70mm


Care: Surface dust should be removed with duster or soft cloth. Never use abrasive products or solvent/industrial based cleaners.