E-3 Way Switch White 15.550.001

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E-3 Way Switch White  15.550.001


Do you have the older system e-port with the switch behind the wall plate? this is the new upgrade, we recommend changing to this system as the older system is our of date and can loose contact . If you're changing your current E-3 Way Switch White  15.550.001 we recommend that you replace the internal disk battery before ordering.

E-3 Way Switch White  15.550.001

The E-3Way switch allows three Ozroll Drive Systems to be operated separately by only one E-Port. Acting as a circuit breaker, the E-3Way receives the power delivered from the controller and relays it to one of three shutters selected at the time by the operator. This makes it a convenient and cost effective option for operating multiple shutters within a close proximity, such as bay or box windows. Generally for the most user friendly operation, designate shutters 1-3 from left to right. For example: 1 = left window 2 = middle window 3 = right window 1 2 3 1 2 3 When you press the number related to the desired shutter an LED will light to indicate the selection has been made and you can then use the E-Port to operate that shutter. This selection will remain valid for 60 seconds, at which point the E-3Way will revert back to the default shutter. The default shutter can be selected by pressing and holding the preferred number for 5 seconds until the correlating LED flashes.