Ozroll L10 Motor 15.121.000

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10 Roller Shutter Motor 15.121.000

Has your old motor stopped? Has a ticking sound? Slow? Maybe it's time for a change?

Please find below a how to replace a L10 Ozroll motor video that is here to save you hundreds of dollars when its needed, some of our client have been charged and quoted $450-$500 to replace just this motor.


Australian Made Ozroll Drive System L10 Motor
Replacement motor for the L10 - Easy to install -

Genuine Ozroll motor

1 Year Warranty

Replacement controllers, chargers and wall units available.

L10 Roller Shutter Motor 15.121.000

Please see video below to see how to change over L10 motor.


The ODS L10 motor is a 12V lateral motor which has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with Ozroll’s low voltage DC controllers.

This motor can fit in end plates 165mm and above, making it available for use in shutters when the width is too small for a tubular motor, such as bathroom windows or bay windows. An internal gear works as a down stop for the motor which is set in our factory during assembly. Resistance causes the motor to stop on the way up which is achieved by using stops in the shutter guide. This means there is no limit settings required during installation.