Roller Shutter FAQ

Roller Shutter FAQ

How much do roller shutters cost

How much do Roller Shutters cost?

A Roller Shutter should never cost more than $2000 for a domestic window! We have had clients quoted (by other businesses) more than $2000 for a 2100x2100 roller shutter.

Idea pricing for roller shutters is 

  • 1000X1000 $550 - $750
  • 1500X1500 $700 - $850
  • 2000X2000 $900 -  $1020
  • 2500X2100 $1000- $1300

Based on motorized roller shutter for standard motor not including wiring or battery, including installation and standard on ground installation. also we recommend that you have a good attitude 


How do you use a Roller Shutter?

We don't recommend winders, tape or string we recommend Battery or 240v motors. Winders, tapes and string shutters are very old fashion and will look ugly in your house. 

Battery and 240v shutters are very easy to use have less problems than winders.

Would you buy a car with winders?


Are Roller Shutters a fire hazard?

We have to say Yes and No to roller shutters being a fire hazard  

  • No, If you install bushfire rated shutters this will reduce the risk of a bush fire.
  • No, if you use our ODS Eport battery shutters you will still be able to use a shutter when your power is off.
  • Yes, if you have a 240v switch on wall roller shutter and you have a electrical fire, safety switch turns off you will be unable to use your shutters

Do Roller Shutters add value?

Roller Shutter can add value to your house, if you install shutters on rear and side bedrooms it can help to sell a home, also home house look amazing with shutters but we have seen it go the other way and take value off the house.

Shaun is here to help you make the right choice with a no gimmick or quick sale approach to your new shutters.


Where are Roller Shutters made?

SA Decor's Roller Shutters are made at Australia's biggest wholesale manufacturer here in South Australia. Shaun has had his shutter made by them for 20 years. 


Where can I buy parts for Roller Shutters?

You can Roller Shutter Parts from us here at SA Decor, We have an online shop that can help you with the parts required.



How long does it take to install a roller shutters?

Between 2- 4 weeks

We try our best to keep our installation Roller Shutter times to two weeks at the most but weather, sickness and stock availability can delay us, If we do have any delays with your shutters we will contact you ASAP with updates.

Normally the shutter is made within 3 days of confirmed measurements and we allow 2 hours per shutter on the day.


more questions will be added