Venetians - 25mm & 50mm

Venetians Made In SA

Modern Design

Available in two slat sizes, 25mm and 50mm, with a contemporary colour palette inspired by Australian home interior trends. Slats, ladder braids, and cords have been designed to coordinate with hardware for a seamless look.


Superior Performance

Slats are extensively painted to deliver superior performance and ultimate flexibility. Resistant to kinking, corrosion and with a no-chip or flake finish. All components have been produced with high-quality plastic and steel materials offering a reliable blind for many years to come.


Smooth Operation

Featuring a wand and cord operation offering smooth and precise control of light with a simple open and close movement of the slat.


Energy Benefits

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are effective reflectors of light and heat. This means less heat emanating from the windows reducing the need for cooling.