Roller Blinds


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Holland or Roller Blind are made from a quality range of fabrics, to suit any budget. We have a large
selection of patterns and finishes, styles and colours to suit your decor. We have the latest designs from around the world, so your choices are unlimited.

Three main types of fabric:

  • SHEER Fabric Blinds - Enables you to see out during the day, while retaining your daytime privacy.
  • TRANSLUCENT - Enables soft filtered light into the room while retaining full privacy both Night & Day
  • BLOCKOUT - Enables total light blockout & full privacy

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Block out blinds provide protection from the hot and cold weather extremities, in addition to providing complete privacy and dark.

Sheer Fabric blinds allow your own privacy, without disrupting your view. This excellent design is simplistic and does not distract from the incredible views that the south coast offers, in addition to being simple to clean.

In addition to being simple to use, both of these styles of blinds now have the option of motorisation which gives an added convenience and luxury to an already excellent product.

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With hundreds of different decorative or conservative fabric to choose from it can make your blinds a real feature of your home or simply blend them into your life style.

You can select from a myriad of delightful designer fabrics, colours and textures we’ve sourced from around the world to create just the right look and mood you’re after - and use any combination of 100% blockout, sheer and light filtering fabrics to achieve the perfect level of light control and UV/heat protection.

A wide range of base rail options are available to ensure the overall look you create is perfectly colour coordinated ~ plus you have the ability to custom-shape and personalise the bottoms of your blinds.

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