Sunscreen Mesh Performance with Ziptrak

Sunscreen Mesh Performance with Ziptrak®
Achieving optimum skin appearance

The Ziptrak® brand is associated with quality and innovation. With a 15 year history of Australian-made
and innovative products, Ziptrak® has become Australia’s favourite outdoor blind system. Both

household and commercial customers uniquely trust Ziptrak® to provide a robust, attractive and long-
lasting product.

The Ziptrak® system is custom-made for every installation, and is compatible with a great variety of clear
PVC and Sunscreen mesh products, that are not products provided by Ziptrak Pty Ltd. Sunscreen Mesh is
an advanced material, allowing it to withstand hard Australian conditions with extreme temperature
fluctuations. Each Ziptrak® system has a variety of factors that influence the appearance of the blind
material, including, but not limited to:
 The size of the opening
 Product selections
 Installation
 Wind and weather variance
 User operation method
Ziptrak® provides effortless and fast operation, whilst securing the blind within a track and can easily be
left at any height. As Sunscreen Mesh is a flexible product by nature, users should not expect these
materials to look like a fixed panel surface. Any interior or exterior blind material will naturally have
imperfections in the finish. Importantly, customers should note:
 Due to the method in which the Sunscreen Mesh rolls onto the Top Tube, minor distortion in
the Mesh can occur vertically near the side Ziptrak® Spline. This distortion is standard and
should be expected in most applications. Sometimes over time and with the warmth of sunlight,
some types of distortions may disappear whilst others remain.
 Users may notice the blind seems “baggy” or has a “smiley face” when the bottom bar is left at
the half way position (blind is half open). This is common for track-guided outdoor blinds,
regardless of brand. This occurs due to the way the material rolls onto the Top Tube, and is to
be expected in both motorised or manually operated blinds. To minimize this effect, users are
advised to fully retract the blind, and then pull down to the half way position. When the blind is
down and locked, users should enjoy the appearance of no sag or “baggy” sections.
 Users should allow a few days for new blinds to “settle”, as the Sunscreen Mesh has been rolled
up prior to installation. Over time, with varying weather conditions, most material distortions
should minimize or disappear entirely.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the appearance of your Ziptrak® system, please seek the
support of your reseller, or contact Ziptrak® directly.