Ziptrak FAQ

Ziptrak FAQ

Ziptrak FAQ

At SA Decor we get a lot of questions or FAQ, so i hope this pages helps you

Ziptrak Cafe Blinds

How much does Ziptrak blinds cost?

Ziptrak Cafe blinds are a lot more than a drop of fabric and a tube, Ziptraks have had over 20 years of testing and have different levels of Ziptrak Quality from standard tube and rails to HD tubes and HD rails, single to double springs to motorizations Average cost is $1000-1500

Pricing can change do to 

  • Installation type
  • Powder coating
  • With or without hood
  • Quality of Tube
  • Quality of Rails
  • Spring or motor type 
  • Fabric type
  • Height & Width

I normally tell people not to be shocked at blinds around $1100 each+


Is Ziptrak Waterproof?

Answer is No, Ziptrak Cafe Blinds are never recommended for strong to gail force winds, so if you have wind and rain you should have them up. 

Yes Tinted and Clear PVC can stop rain you could always have water entering under a blind.


What is Ziptrak?

Ziptrak is a South Australian Designed, Owned and manufactured product that sponsors the Tour Down Under and has been developing their product for over 10 years. The Product Ziptrak is a mesh or pvc external track blind system.


Can Ziptrak be installed on a window?

Yes Ziptrak Blinds are great on windows, we have installed 100s over the years and highly recommend them, Using HVG+ 94 fabric a lot of offices have reduced heat and glair but kept their view 

Ziptrak FAQ

Can Ziptrak Keep aircon in?

Ziptrak is not the best at Keeping aircon in, it can reduce the heat from outside if you use a mesh but we don't recommend it.


Mesh or PVC Ziptrak Cafe Blinds?

Mesh! 100% mesh, PVC can be horrible to work with, clear and repair. Mesh is the best product for Ziptrak Cafe Blinds. Our 2x2 heavy duty mesh fabric has out performed every test we have done.

We recommend HVG Mesh fabrics


Will Ziptrak blinds keep my cat in?

Yes and your dog, birds and kids in 

But we have been to a hand full of insurance claims that dog have eaten them, kids have kicked them or a goat rammed one (real story)


Will Ziptraks Stop mosquitoes?

No, We will never say that it will stop mosquitoes, they are out for your blood and will stop at nothing. Ziptrak blinds will reduce gaps so it should reduce the amount that enter your external entertaining area.