Ziptrak Blinds Adelaide

Get Quality Ziptrak Blinds in Adelaide

SA Decor is a local family business that can provide quality Ziptrak blinds in Adelaide. The founder, Shaun Payne, specialises in internal and external window coverings. Shaun has been in the industry for over 20 years and understands the industry and its products. As a family business, we strive to ensure your home is beautiful by offering quality window coverings. We can find the right product for your home and complete the installation at a competitive price. Our window coverings include internal blinds, plantation shutters, roller shutters, and café blinds.

Our products are custom-made to ensure they fit your window size. We offer free measurements, quotes, and upfront pricing to ensure you can afford our services. Our qualified shutter installers will come to your property, listen to you, and tailor their services to meet your needs. Talk to us today for quality products and unbeatable prices.

Ziptrak Blinds Adelaide
Ziptrak Blinds Adelaide

Types of Ziptrak Blinds in Adelaide

Ziptrak is a South Australian-designed, owned, and manufactured product that sponsors the Tour Down Under and has been developing products for over ten years. The product is a mesh or PVC external track blind system. Ziptrak blinds are ideal for vertical screening in your Adelaide home or office. The product is made with high-tech solar fabric that provides maximum protection without obstructing your view. SA Decor offers Ziptrak blinds in various colours to suit your style. We powder coat all extrusions to a colour of your choice and complete any additional work from balcony to verandah and awnings.

The cost of installing our Ziptrak blinds varies depending on the installation type, powder coating, tube quality, and fabric type. However, the average cost is $100 to $1500. Our expert will work with you to determine your desired quality, size, and fabric type. We will provide a free measure and quote so you know what the blinds will cost.

Benefits of Installing Ziptrak Blinds in Adelaide

Have you considered installing Ziptrak blinds in your Adelaide home or office? You have probably noticed endless options, from different styles to fabrics and features. Ziptrak blinds are the perfect solution for your windows. Here are the benefits of installing Ziptrak blinds:

  • Privacy: You can enjoy it indoors without closing the curtains or blocking the natural light.
  • Insulation: Ziptrak provides excellent insulation properties, and you can reduce your energy bills. The product can help keep you warm in the winter and allow a cool breeze in the summer, reducing your heating and cooling bills.
  • Protection from the elements: Ziptrak blinds will help you protect your furniture from rain, wind, dust, and the sun. You will enjoy your space all year without worrying about exposure to the elements.
  • Easy operations: Ziptrak does not have chains, ropes, or pullies, making it easy to operate. You can control them either manually or automatically.


    Ziptrak Blinds Adelaide

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