Plantation Shutters Royston Park

Plantation Shutters Royston Park

Plantation Shutters in Royston Park by SA Decor

Internal Plantation Shutters

Highprofile Timber Plantation Shutters

High quality custom made plantation shutters avaliable in all areas in Adelaide.
Natural, admired and inherently efficient, Highprofile shutters are made from sustainably sourced hardwood timber and 100% of the timber species. Highly prized by homeowners, designers and decorators alike, Highprofile timber shutters create immediate aesthetic impact and transform living spaces. Available in painted, stained and customised options, Highprofile is the bespoke shutter range for Australian living and a quality selection for all styles of home.
Plantation Shutters Royston Park



64mm, 89mm, 114mm elliptical louvre sizes

Special light block louvres and traditional flat louvres

Traditional centre, side, or euro tilt rods

Beautiful frame options.

Plantation Shutters Royston Park