Eport controller, charger & wall plates.

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Eport controller,  charger & wall plates.

Upgrade To the newest ODS E-port Battery wall unit system!
The previous models have been discontinued by our suppliers and they have recommended to convert older systems to the new model.
Package Discount Price.
Our Eport controller,  charger & wall plates will be solution you need to replace you old style system.
We will never recommend an aftermarket replacement battery " 15.260.00 " as we have seen them fail and in one case has melt off the wall.
HOW TO VIDEO - It's Very easy.

Our supplier has recommended not to use repacked batteries.
If you have any problems please contact us via our facebook page

The original design battery pack for the Ozroll Drive System was the ODS control 10. Since the implementation of the newer and far superior E-Port control we began to phase out the control 10, stopping production in 2011 and eventually running out of stock in 2013.
The E-Port is easily interchangeable with existing systems, however the wall plate for the Control 10 and E-Port Controls are totally different and do not have the same mounting foot print. To help make the transition period as smooth as possible we have designed and introduced the Conversion Wall Plate (part #15.551.002).

To achieve a fluent and clean conversion, the control 10 wall plate must be removed. The conversion plate is fixed to the wall using the existing mounting holes and the E-Port wall plate is then attached to the Conversion Wall Plate. Once paired together they emerge as one unit, the E-Port slots in and the upgrade is complete.
Components required for ODS upgrade

Eport controller,  charger & wall plates. 

1 X ODS E-PORT CONTROLLER 18650 - 15.600.001

1 X ODS E-SERIES AC ADAPTOR 240V AUST - 15.580.003 

1 X ODS E-PORT WALL PLATE - 15.551.001